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This is important, because of their needs and the current state depends on the correct processing of your opening license. We scroll down to your local to advise properly and give you the best possible price.

Feasibility study

Part of our work advise on the type of license according to activity or suitable opening operation. This analysis is crucial for managing resources in the refurbishment of the premises.

Preparation of the documentation

Having studied the local needs and proceed to the drafting of appropriate technical project to obtain their license to open.

Processing the opening license

Once the technical documentation has been developed, we will take care of the procedures in the competent instances (City Hall, Industry, Health, Environment ... etc) and follow up on possible requirements or requests for your.

Delivery of license and guarantee

Finally, we will give its opening license along with proof of submission of documentation (reports, drawings, certificates ... etc) in the competent bodies with a hard copy and a CD with documentation in digital format.



Activity licenses

Obligatory for all types of establishment (shops, offices, bars, restaurants, cinemas ... etc). It is a compulsory license for the activity to be carried out.

Work permit / conditioning

It depends on several factors, for example the state of the place where the activity will be installed. This license will be necessary in case of renovations or new buildings. We could manage it together with the activity license.

Sanitary licenses

For example, clinical, veterinary, dental or tattoo centers should be registered in the Ministry of Health of your Autonomous Community. We would take care of all the necessary steps.

Industrial registry

Obtaining this license is essential for industrial activities (eg workshops in general and centers where machinery exists).

Licensing of installations

Specific technical projects for air conditioning, electricity, plumbing ... etc.

Working hours

Every day from 8:00 to 20:00 h

Contact Form

If you provide us with your contact information along with the type of service that interests you (type of project or license, use of the premises, surface ...) our architects will contact you, providing you with a free estimate without any obligation.

To do this, you can contact us at the indicated telephone numbers (from M-F 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.), send us an email to info@licenciasactividadmadrid.com or complete the following form:

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