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Looking ahead to get a opening license of establishment, it is important to correctly identify the type of business to implement and starting conditions is essential to respond to their license in time and price. This phase is crucial because it determines the procedure and regulations to comply.

It is our job to know what to address, for example, Law 2/2012 on the Dynamisation of Commercial Activity in the Community of Madrid, the General Urban Plan of Madrid (PGOUM), the General Ordinance for the Protection of the Urban Environment (OGPMAU ), The specific regulations of this activity, or the Technical Building Code, especially its Basic Fire Safety Documents (CTE-DB-SI), and Safety of Use and Accessibility (CTE-DB-SUA ).

In Licencias Actividad Madrid we take care of advising you to obtain your license through the most appropriate and most economical procedure (responsible declaration, activity license ... etc). For this we make a free first visit and without commitment to your future business.

Opening of establishment licenses

The types of commercial activities generally include those of retail, including:

  1. Fashion, clothing and footwear stores
  2. Food stores
  3. Tertiary use, workshops
  4. Hairdressing, pedicure and manicure
  5. Toy shops, bazaars
  6. Press stores, jewelry, jewelry.
  7. Art Galleries
  8. Bookstores, stationery
  9. Hardware stores, florists
  10. Music Stores
  11. …etc

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If you provide us with your contact information along with the type of service that interests you (type of project or license, use of the premises, surface ...) our architects will contact you, providing you with a free estimate without any obligation.

To do this, you can contact us at the indicated telephone numbers (from M-F 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.), send us an email to info@licenciasactividadmadrid.com or complete the following form:

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