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What is technical consulting?

In the same way that having a medical friend (or lawyer) can be useful to solve medical (or legal) issues, technical advice is a service we offer to tackle all issues related to the world of design, refurbishments, construction or urbanism in all its technical development.

From a specific doubt about how to make the best use of your domestic space, if it is in accordance with current regulations, how and what steps to take to start a refurbishment project in your flat or what possibilities of urban development has a plot of your property. All this questions (and much more) is part of the competences we offer to our clients.

Specific fields of work

  • Legal aspects
    What is the clause floor ?, what are the latest data on empty homes ... etc?
  • Business opportunities
    We consult on real estate, expertise, development of plots, we inform about the sale price and construction price of houses / offices, normative analysis for development of a local or plot ... etc
  • Management and information on urban planning licenses and administrative procedures
    Any administrative procedure such as licenses, procedures, openings, legalization, ITE, energy certificates, taxes, taxes, etc.
  • Information and development of the construction
    Prices, steps, fears, demolition ... etc
  • Design and projects
    Professional fees of different types of project, steps to take ... etc
  • Technical management
    Use and extent of solar panels, utilization of different heating systems, Passivhaus, sustainability, CTE, installations, topography, geotechnical, landscaping, lighting, filtration ... etc
  • Other
    Information on visa prices, competences of the different construction agents, technical mediation, software ... etc


The first consultation is free
Quarterly base fee € 75 (+ VAT)

You have the right to 1 specific consultation every day. That is, each potential query equals about 80 euro cents.

Annual base fee € 300 (+ VAT)

You are entitled to a 15% discount on the fees for the structured work of the studio (obtaining activity licenses, interior design, basic projects and execution .. .). That is, the professional fees for the schematic design of a villa of 150 sqm would fall from 4,500 Euros (+ VAT) to 3,825 Euros ... A discount of 675 Euros.

In any case, as we imagine that you may have doubts about the convenience of hiring this service we encourage you to call us and we will do our best to solve them.

* Informative documentation without contractual value.

Working hours

Every day from 8:00 to 20:00 h

Contact Form

If you provide us with your contact information along with the type of service that interests you (type of project or license, use of the premises, surface ...) our architects will contact you, providing you with a free estimate without any obligation.

To do this, you can contact us at the indicated telephone numbers (from M-F 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.), send us an email to info@licenciasactividadmadrid.com or complete the following form:

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