What is a business license?

cafeteria license

What is a business license? Naturally there are several types, but overall a business license is an administrative and technical process that enables a local for the development of a criminalized activity.

That is, although it varies greatly depending on the activity in question, the surface thereof and the scale of the project, we can point out some of the most common features to consider for the adaptation, in even the need to carry out initially works on the premises. It is our job to master planning legislation, ie, your license will have to consider different standards, including the CTE-SUA (Technical Building Code - Safety of use and accessibility), CTE-SI (Technical Building Code - Safety in case of fire). In these and other considerations they are determined:

01 - ACCESSIBILITY TO LOCAL: One of the common considerations such licenses is accessibility. Why local should be accessible to the disabled, so if our business has steps to save for access must raise an access ramp certain characteristics according to regulations to save these slopes. There are many rules and consult know, we leave a useful link.

02 - TOILETS: They shall have a toilet (except in public places in which we would need at least 2 male and female), if the local is being spent on an activity to which he had before (change of use) then the toilet must be adapted to the disabled and fulfill all the specific legislation (door opening, wide ...).

03 - EMERGENCY LIGHTS: All premises must have emergency lights scattered local so that a minimum illumination according to regulations if lighting local suffers a blackout guarantee also must have an emergency light indicating the exit and next the electrical panel.

04 - EXTINTORES: Every activity must have a minimum of extinguishers, one suitable for all types of fires, in addition to specific electrical fires near the electrical panel.

05 - VENT LOCAL: It is necessary that every local has guaranteed a renewal continuously air, this can be achieved either with natural ventilation or forced ventilation with a motor connected to a ventilation system or the air conditioning system depending on the type activity and regulates the rules.

06 - MISCELLANEOUS: In addition to these aspects that are often the most common to all activities, there are others who depend on the type of activity to be implemented, such as:

  1. Flues: In cases where we have kitchens.
  2. Sound insulation When the noise level is high.
  3. FIREPROOF INSULATION: If we fire load is considerable.

However you can contact us and we will inform you without any commitment.